Advertise your business (catering services company,hotel, restaurant, bar) economically,
with your own set of PROMOPIX toothpicks. With an original and beautiful presentation custom made for your business. Make your own set of PROMOPIX toothpicks using your business, giving your customers a unique use and quality.

An effective advertising medium with extremely low cost is the best gift for your customers!

Your product is delivered ready with your own details, logos and anything else you suggest to cover the external
and internal space of the package (address, telephone number, information, maps, photos), on illustration paper, with color printing. Packs contain 5, 10 or 20 certified quality toothpicks, depending on the model you choose.

The product is patented in the greek and international markets.

Our products provide great value with a very low cost. Your budget will not increase considering that your PROMOPIX advertising toothpicks can simply replace the ordinary business cards or even the brochure of your business by enhancing the profile and image of your business through an original product.

In contrast to a simple business card, PROMOPIX toothpicks will be used by your customers again and again as a useful and practical gift that suits a daily need, promoting your brand at the same time!

Creating your own set PROMOPIX toothpicks using your business logo, offers your customers quality and makes advertisement smart, low cost and highly original. That’s why PROMOPIX toothpicks are a perfect small gift for your customers.

What is it that makes PROMOPIX toothpicks unique? In a word, their quality. Our product is designed so it doesn’t hurt the gums, doesn’t break and does not cause infections.

PROMOPIX toothpicks are made of soft polypropylene and are certified according to the standards of the European Union relating to oral hygiene ((EC Directives 90/128, 92/39, 95/3, 96/11) USA by the FDA regulation 21 CRF revised as of April 1997).

The special anti-static polypropylene composition makes them unbeatable when compared to other common toothpicks. Finally the product is designed to be effective with proper use from your customers.

The special design of PROMOPIX toothpick packages is the surest way to get your business to live in your customers’ pocket .

Don’t let your clients forget you. Empower them to have your brand always and everywhere with them in a practical package of PROMOPIX toothpicks. After so many years of experience, we can say with confidence: You can be sure that the toothpicks pack will not be thrawn away and your customers will visit you again to ask for more!

PROMOPIX toothpicks can be used in the restaurant, at the bar, in the hotel, on the airplane on the buffet catering, in fast food, with food delivery, but also in promoting food products and beverages. This enhances your image, your credibility, and of course your clientele.

It is important to know that the smile of your customers is a top priority for us, as it is for you.